I first discovered a new online instructional site for creatives called Domestika when I spotted the Resin Jewelry Design course by Mia Winston- Hart.  I joined not just the site but signed up for her course which is designed for beginners and up.  

Mia Winston-Hart is an amazing British accessories designer. Her resin jewelry style is both trendy and unique as you can see from the following examples. 

There are 18 lessons in her course which total 2 hrs and 54 min of viewing time.  

Her materials overview which gives you an idea of her teaching style and how her lessons are structured. 

She is clear and paces her lessons well. There are also additional course resources. What's great is the choice of subtitle languages - English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch. This obviously caters to a broad audience especially in Europe. 

It's also been years since I heard someone call a popsicle stick, a lolly stick!  Lolly is the British nickname for lollipop.

Like most online classes, you can change the speed of the videos if you wish hear her at a faster pace. Watch as often as you like as once signed up, you have unlimited access to this course. There is also an app to watch the course on your mobile device.

The other sections of her course also include how to experiment with techniques, designing the final jewelry range and creating a professional finish. 

While I am not a resin jewelry beginner, this instructor managed to inspire me to the next level. The part on mold making was very helpful.  The possibilities of creating your own molds with engravings and how to highlight those were particularly noteworthy.  One awesome tip I really appreciated was how to prevent the dreaded drips on the back of pieces when doming the front!

The recommended resin is available internationally but you can also use something like Little Windows' Brilliant Resin (15% discount code with BG1516) if you wish to get something on this side of the pond. It is a non-toxic make. She also uses Super Glue - but I think you can do better with the Starbond range of cyanoacrylate glues - see this past review post

I enjoyed watching all the different inclusions you can use for resin. But even more so, how she uses combinations and alcohol inks. 

I highly recommend this course if you are serious about getting into resin jewelry making. 

UPDATE : Domestika has just let me know that the discount can be extended to November 26, 2021. 

The discount apply to any Domestika courses, not just the one featured here.  Use this special code - BEADINGGEM-PROMO  

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