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Semi- Circle Macrame on Metal Hoop Earrings Tutorial

The most common way to make macrame earrings is to work from the bottom of the frame.  So I was delighted when I stumbled upon this easy tutorial.  

The designer is Indian crafter, Love_the_Knots with Aisha.  

The macrame work is a semi-circle within metal hoop earrings like these, finishing with a short fringe on the outside of the hoops.

She uses thick macrame cord but you could also scale down to thinner cord and smaller hoops. 

Before You Go :

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  1. Really enjoyed watching this video. I forget sometimes how much fun macrame is.

  2. These are lovely, so relaxing to watch too. being a beader-at-heart, I would slip some gold beads on the hoop to place between the knots for the fringe. I think it would level the center piece and add more color. I will have to try this!

    1. Adding gold beads as you suggested is a brilliant idea!


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