The sun and moon have been important symbols for people for thousands of years.  The representation of day and night is similar to the yin and yang polarities in Chinese thought where the opposites comprise a harmony. 

Not surprisingly, the symbols appear in art and design, including jewelry creations. Here are some awesome wire wrapped jewelry tutorials to inspire!

First up is the beautiful wire wrapped crescent moon pendant tutorial by Arizona wire artist, Kelley Kennon of The Siren and the Pirate. She used 3 crystals but you can also use gemstones if you prefer. She shares many wire tutorials on her Youtube channel. Support her on her Patreon

The copper looks gorgeous in the final design because of the patina. Kelley shows how to add the patina in this video. She uses liver of sulfur extended life gel which lasts longer than the crystals. 

Two easier for beginners designs are the sun and moon wire wrapped earrings tutorial by Wyoming wire artist, Lindsey Griffin of Cleft of the Rock Creations.  You can see her work here

These sunburst wire wrapped earrings tutorial are also by Kelley of The Siren and the Pirate. 

This wire wrapped crescent moon design is quite dainty and perfect for earrings. The designer and instructor is Handmade Art Time

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