Texas born but currently Yokohama, Japan based, Alyx Mazerov Yuasa of OrnamentDesigns,  has always loved handmade Christmas ornaments from her youth.  She started making her own beaded and sequin ornaments in her teens.

Alyx said :
I moved to Japan to teach English after graduating college and discovered Kimekomi (cut and tuck technique). It has become my preferred method of ornament making.

What is Kimekomi? She explained further on her website :

Kimekomi is a technique where a pattern is drawn and then cut onto a surface, such as a softwood or smooth foam. Fabric is then placed over the pattern and tucked into the cuts. 


Kimekomi was developed in the 18th century in Japan as a doll making technique. Kimekomi literally means “to tuck into a groove”. The technique has been passed down through the generations and somewhere along the way someone started making kimekomi balls. With the modern invention of polystyrene foam and the easy access to materials, kimekomi is no longer limited to Japanese artisans.

Shown here are several of her beautiful Christmas ornament tutorials. There are plenty of ways to make these balls your own with different fabric and color choices!

Alyx also has a wonderful Youtube channel all about the technique. 

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