Lasers are precision cutters and engravers. One amazing use of laser engraving technology is the making of personalized 3D crystal photos.  Blocks of high quality crystal glass are used to engrave images taken from 2D photos. 

One company that does this is the Montreal based ABCrystalCollection. They offer a range of sizes and shapes of crystals with optional LED bases and can ship worldwide.

They explain how it works :
First, our professional designers will transform your photo into a 3D model, making any necessary adjustments including background removal. Next, our skilled technicians will laser etch the 3D model into crystal. Personalized 3D engraving and FREE optional text etching of your choosing. Think outside the gift box!
These crystal ornaments certainly make unique and stunning gifts.  Watch this short video to see the 3D etching : 

Personalized pet and wedding photos are their most popular lines. But they create all sorts of mementos like travel souvenirs, graduation photos and baby photos. 

ABCrystalCollection is also on Etsy

Acropolis Souvenir

London Souvenir

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