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Wire Wrapped Mini Basket Pendant Tutorial Uses the Bail Part Differently

Australian designer, Oxana, has a great wire work Youtube channel. I really like her novel wire wrapped mini basket pendant tutorial which captures a very small roundish cabochon.  

Why?  She uses the bail portion of a traditionally wire wrapped bezel at the bottom. The way she has the wires has a touch of Art Deco.  The reason why I love this design is because you can add "flowers" to the basket.  See this past tutorial of mine and you'll understand why I said so. 

Scroll down for more links on basket inspired tutorials.

Oxanacrafts : Website | Instagram | Facebook | Patreon

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  1. I love Oxana's videos. I learned so much following her videos. She's easy to understand and following along with. If you're a beginner check her out first.


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