I have featured many musical note inspired wire tutorials before (see links below). But this new pendant tutorial from Gemseeker Studio on Youtube is an especially gorgeous one. 

I like it in so many ways. First, multiple loops are used instead of a single wire frame. The little wire weaving at one side of the pendant holds together the wires representing the 5 musical staves or lines and then beautifully flares out on the other end giving the design a flowing style. 

The individually hand forged little notes will take a little patience to wire wrap into place. Also watch how a simple wire coil bail is made at the end. 

At the time of writing, there is no sketch or template for this design. But do check their shop, TreasureSeekerDesign as the designer often offers other templates from their Youtube channel to help wire workers.

Beginners should use 20G wire as working with 18G might be a little harder as it is thicker. 

The instructor does not show how to add patina to the copper.  You can use the gel form of Liver of Sulfur which is stabilized- don't buy the solid kind as it won't last in storage. Cool Tools has an inexpensive small bottle if you don't want a lot.

I actually use Gun Blue (by Birchwood Casey) mainly because I can get a small bottle for a low cost from the hunting supplies section of my local Canadian Tire Hardware store.  See my past post Gun Blue vs Liver of Sulfur (solid kind) Patination.  The post also shows you how to use an oxidising solution and a little on storage and disposal. Also see this tutorial of mine which shows using gun blue on an actual copper pendant :

If you are wary of using chemicals, check out another of my past posts on Tips on How to Use Boiled Eggs for Patination. It can be done but quite honestly, I personally prefer either Liver of Sulfur ot Gun Blue. 

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