I am a fan of OxanaCrafts on Youtube. Oxana is a great instructor as well as the designer of simple yet elegant wire wrapped jewelry. 

This particular wire wrapped cabochon pendant tutorial (design shown above) is visually pleasing. It is a minimalist approach to wire wrapping because there is no intricate wire weaving. Just bold interlocking curves of wire. The wire work does the job of holding the cabochon but looks just lovely both front and back. It's one of the fastest wire cabochon work I have seen!

Another reason why I like this tutorial is the use of regular round wire, not square. Round wire is more common in people's stashes rather than square. So you don't have to purchase the latter.

All the materials and tools are listing in her video description. 

You can support Oxana and see more of her work through her various channels :

PayPal | Patreon | Instagram | Facebook

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