Wired on Youtube has a fascinating playlist on their channel where they get different experts to go over the answers people ask them on Twitter.  (They are still calling it Twitter, not X as Elon Musk has decreed).

Humans are inherently curious beings, so when given the chance, they do ask.  One of the most popular expert episodes is the one with the mortician. Also popular are the episodes with a lawyer, a human geneticist who answers DNA questions, a pulmonologist (lung doctor), a former CIA Chief of Disguise, a forensic scientist who answers crime scene questions, a coffee expert and so many others!

Early this year, they got round to questions for a mineralogist, Gabriela Farfan, the gem and minerals curator at the Smithsonian Museum.  She answers burning questions like are all minerals crystals? Is the Hope diamond cursed? How do geodes form? What makes a gemstone a gem? Did you know our bodies also contain a mineral?

She does a fabulous job explaining many things about our favorite material. She has a great way of explaining the difference between scratchability of a gemstone and the actual breakability of one. Also impressive is how she explains in a simple way why the Mohs scale is not a linear one, but logarithmic. 

Please also see the links below for more fun gemstone facts and history from my blog.

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