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  1. Please enter me for The Bead Shop Giveaway. I can never find where to enter these contest! Thank you!

  2. I love reading about a small beading business. The success depends on the ability to work hard and multi-task. Your web site is indicative of your enthusiasm for beading.

  3. I really love your blog. I would like to win the $50 gift certificate from Goody Beads.

  4. I've always been interested in African beads, and would love to win the contest. Evelyn Lee

  5. Please enter me for the Best Bead Czech bead contest. I do a lot of bead weaving, and would love some #11 seed beads.

    Evelyn Lee

    6693 Second Line
    RR 3, Fergus, Ont
    N1M 2W4

  6. I wanted to make a necklace, wide bracelet, and earrings set that would resemble something you'd see in a pageant or on the red carpet. Is there a tutorial?

  7. There are many tutorials out there so it will depend what you like and what sort of technique you can do - wire work, beadwork etc.

    One suggestion is for you to search my blog for "statement" jewelry tutorials. These are worthy of the red carpet! Just go to the top right of my blog and type in the search box "statement tutorial". Have fun checking them out. There are tons!

  8. Hi, I like the way you made your copper ear wires, but, I am having a hard time finding "copper colored" wire that would work. I was told I needed half hard ,so , the ear wire will keep its shape. Can you help? I need to make a lot of pairs . Thank you, Denise

  9. Hi Denise,

    Copper is generally a soft metal. So if you wish to make earring wires with this metal you need to work harden them so they retain their shape. After forming the copper ear wires, place them on a steel block and hammer a few times with a nylon hammer. Hope this helps!!

  10. Hello Pearl,

    I really like your blog and I found it very useful. I design for company and we carry sterling silver products for jewelry making. We have many products which are useful for beading. You can find Miyuki beads as well:
    I was curious if you would like to make a review about our products? Silvexcraft is direct manufacturer.
    If it's not ok to use url. please remove it, sorry - I did not mean to spam it :)

    1. Great site! Marcin- can you please email me directly at so we can discuss this further?


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