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Beaded Porcelain Flower Tutorial

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Image by Anna
The dynamic duo have done it again!  The beaders I mean are Mandy and Anna whom I featured before in my previous post about the Sultan's Turban bead tutorial.

Mandy  in her quest to learn how to bead likes to try out tutorials from amazing European beaders. Anna then helpfully figures out the steps for English speaking readers on her blog. 

Anna's latest tutorial (Part 1 and Part 2) for a beautiful beaded Porcelain Flower pendant stemmed from Mandy's post about her attempt to make the design by Diana Domjan, the Hungarian beader behind KreativVagyok.

Both beaders had to make a few attempts each to recreate the design from just the pictures as neither could read Hungarian. Anna wondered if the designer might have been a southpaw which could explain the unusual needle passes, "almost in reverse".  Anna added, "It was on my 3rd attempt to create the pendant that I realized it was backwards ... after that epiphany the whole thing came together as easy as 1 - 2- 3 ( I no longer say as easy as pie because the only pie that is easy comes ready made from the local bakery)."

Well, Anna's sister was the very lucky recipient of the final pendant shown above! 

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  1. Another fabulous tutorial. Love the colors.

  2. Thanks Pearl for putting this one out for all to see! It really is beautiful! Anna did a fabulous job with the translating! But I have to agree the original pattern must have been in reverse or backwards. LOL. I really is beautiful and I love the bail added in the photo!

  3. Me again! Thought I would share a comment on my blog when I did the pendant, it's a great idea! From Kate in Sharpe, Denver :

    "I added an 8 seed bead between the outside pearls on the sides only which added just enough to keep the motif perfectly square and rigid. I hate floppy bead work."

  4. Pearl - thank you for the lovely feature. I do like to help other beaders whenever possible as I know all too well how frustrating it can be to have a pattern but not be able to follow it. The only thing more frustrating is getting a new computer and having to figure out how all the newest and latest programs work. LOL

  5. Just wonderful teamwork, girls! Thanks for adding that tip, Mandy.