Papier collé is French for pasted paper. This painting and collage form of art was first introduced by Cubist artist, Georges Braque and later Pablo Picasso around 1912. The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction currently has a wonderful online White on White exhibition showing exquisite artwork using this technique.

The added pieces of paper create depth and body to the work, a 3-D look to what would otherwise be flat paintings. The art community would describe this as "bridging the gap between art and life".
So I was delighted when I came across hand painted paper jewelry, a miniature form of this technique. I was also not surprised to learn that Susan Jo, the American designer is a Fine Arts graduate, the daughter and granddaughter of jewelers.

Her tiny papier collé brooches, pendants and earrings are gorgeously colored and layered. Every single design is unique, never to be repeated. The jewelry has been doubly laminated against rain and will last.

She divided her gallery into three collections : fan, ribbon and curls and swirls. Her fan angel earrings are my favorite for they are a standout right down to their Swarovski crystal centers. Perfect for the upcoming holiday season. The ribbon pendants and brooches are also noteworthy because a portion of the sales from this collection goes to the American Cancer Society in honour of her late husband. For more designs, check out her website appropriately named Papier Colle : Hand made paper jewelry.

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