The younger set are no less keen on jewelry making than adults. But any one who has ever organised beading sessions for girls will notice one thing. They bead very fast! One sure way to slow them down at beading parties is to introduce beadweaving using seed beads only.

What also amazes me is the assured way these young beaders pick their pretty colour combinations - without any hesitation. Not everyone is into pink as you can see. Perhaps we can pick up a few tips on colour sets from these creations?

Shown here are the work of eight girls ages 9-13 which adorned six necks, two wrists and one ankle. The designers are as follows:

1.Kate 2.Zoe 3&4. Amanda 5.Bethany 6.Georgina 7.Grace 8.Taylor

Beadweaving Collection #1
The Beading Gem's Journal
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