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Beadweaving parties are always a lot of fun and this one is a great start to a series on beadweaving. At Phyllis' 13th birthday party, the girls AND Mum made several bead woven bracelets and necklaces using just seed beads.

The colour combinations were fresh and inspirational. So designers take note! For instance, the black, pink, purple and white bracelet (#2) by Kaylee could suggest a jewelry design using hematite, rose quartz, amethyst and howlite. What about #5? Carnelian, turquoise, peridot and howlite? Get the picture?

But you don't have to go with just spring-like colours. Leanne, the mother of the birthday girl chose bronze seed beads (necklace #3) which she set off with fall coloured beads. As the birthday girl though, Phyllis could do as she pleased. So she celebrated her entry into official teenagedom with a necklace unlike the others. She used a polymer clay tube as her focal bead and used alternating clusters of large and smaller seed beads.

Beadweaving Collection #4


  1. Oh what fun! I have to tell you - there is something about the color of your blog that makes me happy when I open it. :)

  2. Believe me, those spring like colours makes ME happy too as a Canadian currently in the depths of winter. It probably also represents my quirky side!


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