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Wire Wrapped Rings : Your Gateway to Wire Wrapping Galore

Ways with Wire Part 2 of 3

Millie sure has a way with wire. Her wire wrapped rings are truly inspirational. The first ring on the left is a rose quartz bead delicately captured with little beads and fine wire work. The ring on the right is a crystal bead flanked by two filigree balls. There are so many combinations possible using beads and not just with one or three which is commonly used but several too as shown below. Introducing coiling is also another design idea.

Copper is an excellent choice when perfecting your wire wrapping technique before moving on to sterling silver. Inspired? Need some help? Then check out these tutorials :

(Update - I have corrected or removed some of the old links which didn't work any more. See more ring tutorials at the end of the post)


Casey's simple wire wrapped ring tutorial on Across the Pond shows that you cannot see enough tutorials like this!

New from Beading Daily is this Ring-a-Ding wire ring tutorial using square wire.

If wire work is not your forte, then try this extremely easy bead and wire bangle tutorial. It's guaranteed to be fast!

More Ring Tutorials
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  1. What a fantastic list! Thanks for sharing it Pearl :-)

  2. :( about half the links are dead now. :(

  3. Shaylnn - thanks for letting me know. This is such an old post. Beading Daily had moved many of their web pages. Anyway, I have updated the post. Be sure to check out the new list of ring tutorials below. Pearl


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