Soft Jewelry
Part 1 of 3

I was quite taken by the French company, Batucada Jewelry's innovative approach to jewelry design. The material looks like rubber or silicone but is neither. The fashionable line is made from eco-plastic, described by Batucada as synthetic rubber. They use eco-friendly certified components to produce their jewelry under non-polluting conditions. Even their packaging uses recycled paper.

The jewelry is tough yet flexible and molds to the body's contours. As the material is seawater resistant, their jewelry can be worn at many settings including the gym and the beach without worry. It's lightweight and it even floats! I do like that part speaking as a person who once spent several minutes looking for a lost gold earring in a swimming pool!

Maintenance is easy - just soap and water. The latching system can quickly be custom fitted. But what impressed me was their suggestion to link two bracelets to form a choker. Link more to get a belt! The bracelets can also be worn as anklets.

The select group of designers have done a fabulous job making this line not only environmentally friendly and attractive but also appealing to those who prefer an edgier look. A number of their armband jewelry resemble tattoos, best worn tight. Look Ma, no needles!

Definitely jewelry for our time.

The Beading Gem's Journal