Soft Jewelry
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Sometimes, I get a big, unexpected treat at a beading party. Cheryl brought out a remarkable piece of jewelry to show me. It was a fabulous dyed leather necklace she bought some forty years ago at a craft show. She often wears it and no wonder as the necklace is warm and soft to the touch unlike cold glass. It is still in mint condition.

The earrings were another matter. Cheryl has not worn them because she did not like the clip-on style. The earrings were large buttons about 2" across - a huge version of the type of buttons which dressmakers cover with small fabric pieces. The purple leather was still in good shape but the same could not be said for the clip-on findings at the back. These just snapped off because the glue had become brittle after four decades.

Cheryl wanted me to redesign the earrings so she could wear them. With the clip-ons gone, I was able to do some simple and quick wire work to fasten the large purple buttons to the ear wires. Cheryl was delighted with the funky results and that was what counted.

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