Soft Jewelry
Part 3 of 3

I made an experimental bracelet out of eyelash yarn, beadalon wire and some 6/0 seed beads just for fun. I wanted it to have some structure but yet be comfortable and and soft unlike a bangle. So I knitted the bracelet with the yarn and beadalon together. The bluish purple AB beads were prestrung on the wire.

A conversation piece, or so I thought. But the moral of the story is, it did sell. All it takes is for the right person to come along. One lovely lady I know, Anne, adores funky jewelry and regularly buys or commissions jewelry from me. We often collaborate together on the designs. When she spotted the bracelet, she said it was perfect for a casual blouse she had and could I make a necklace to go with it? Of course! But we both thought that furry earrings would have been a little too much so Anne went with a matching set of glass bead earrings instead.

The funky design featured pretty blue and lavender yarn with coordinating beads although in hindsight, I should have used larger beads. Just to prove I did use beads, that yarn jungle above shows the seed beads more clearly. Does it tickle? Not really - one's skin gets used to it after a short while. The necklace would look good with a round neckline too because it will resemble a miniature scarf!

Beader Design # : 324-326
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