Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nine Places to Pierce Your Ears

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Well, I'll be. I didn't know there were so many places you could pierce your ears let alone have names for said places too.

1 = Helix
2 = Industrial
3 = Rook
4 = Daith
5 = Tragus
6 = Snug
7 = Conch
8 = Anti-Tragus
9 = Lobe


Photo source

Wikipedia : Earring
The Beading Gem's Journal
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  1. I didn't either and OUCH to all of them!

  2. Perhaps I am too old-fashioned but I too fail to see why people need to puncture themselves in so many places! I didn't know those little protrusions of ear cartilage was even sufficient to hold an earring.

    1. yes, you are too old-fashioned

  3. WOW 9 piercings on ONE ear. I had no idea either. Number 4 seems to be the most painful.

  4. This is just a photo illustration of the piercing possibilites. I doubt anyone has had all these piercings at the same time but I've seen some who have come close!!

  5. Well I personally don't have all those odd places, BUT I do have 10 posts running down the outer edge of my ear, and then of course the traditional earlobe. Right now I have 2 small hoops, 2 diamond studs, 2 that are still with my ear piercing set and 4 CZ's (yeah, I know but diamonds take a bit of time). Teri http://www.sandtcreations.com/wordpress

  6. i have three lobe piercings, my tragus and helix done. i loovee all my piercings and im looking forward to a rook and snug piercing <3

  7. I love ear piercings. :) Its a great way to express some individuality that looks good. :) I have my lobes which are gauged to 00. I have a 2nd hole in my lobes, a left helix, left tragus, left rook, right industrial, right conch. I'm still deciding on getting a daith (#4) on my left ear.

  8. i really want my left tragus pierced...does it hurt really bad??

  9. It probably hurts as much as any piercing! Does that help?

  10. Well the lobes don't hurt but everwhere else look painful..

  11. i actually have all of these piercings, and i had no issue with pain. they are a cool way to express yourself when you're younger. But now that I'm in my 23, its time to take them out. Although they're neat to do, at some point we all need to grow up and act mature.

  12. i have both my ear lobes pierced, and on the right ear, i have another piercing above the lobe .. and im wondering where else can i get it pierced in the ear that would look nice? , i like the tragus, but its too painful so not that, and i dont really like the helix or the industrial? so what do you think would look nice?

  13. piercings dont hurt i have 12 of them :DD

  14. I currently have 15 piercings, and 13 of those are on my ears; I've got two lobe piercings and an industrial piercing on my left ear, and my tragus as well as nine piercings going up from my lobe to my top helix on my right ear. I love them all, and would really like a rook and/or anti-tragus piercing as well, but that might be a bit excessive, haha! :)

  15. i have 2 lobe piercings and 1 helix in my left ear...
    IM ONLY 12(x
    i got my 1st hole when i was 5 and my second hole when i was 10. NIETHER ONE OF THEM HURT c:
    i did my helix all by MYSELF this year.(:
    it hurt when the needle was first going through but only a pinch and it only lasted a second! now its been about 3 weeks since i pierced it and the only problems i have had with it is, it hurts when i bump it and it hurts when i sleep on it!
    I look forward to getting (or doing) a tragus and a anti-tragus :D
    -Madison Richard O6-2O-2O11 12yo

  16. I have my number 1,4,5 and 9. Personally, none HURT really. stinging feeling. Tragus was worst because of the crunching noise made when it goes through. WELL WORTH IT!

  17. For the person who asked if tragus hurts. No, not really. :) slight sting and a crunch :)

  18. The industrial is VERY painful and takes forever to heal, as of any cartilage piercing. I've had mine for three months and it still isn't healed. I love it though!

  19. That's good to know even though I am never ever going to have the industrial done!

  20. I'm 35 just got my Tragus done yesterday and I love it I also have 8 lopes and 1 helix gonna get another helix when my Tragus heals I love love earrings