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Topaz and Smokey Grey Crystal Bracelet

Real topaz is expensive so topaz coloured crystals are the way to go. Although real smokey quartz is reasonably affordable for jewelry designs, like topaz, the crystal equivalent works too.

Mary Jane alternated these two "imposters" in her bracelet design. The grey crystals were slightly smaller than the topaz coloured ones. For the third "imposter" in her design, she used black hematite coloured seed beads as spacers. I thought the use of an antiqued gold clasp gave her creation a classy vintage look.

Beader Design #: 329
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The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. That is a really classy look. Personally, I'd love to wear this bracelet.

    Thanks for sharing this piece with us.

    jewellery by erin

    etsy ©:

  2. Mary Jane would be thrilled to read your comment - this was her very first attempt at designing and putting together her own jewelry!


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