[Update : Links no longer work] Smersh Design Jewelry based in Seattle is the brainchild of Frances and John Smersh. Whilst Frances is the main jewelry designer, John keeps the business and production cogs turning. Yes, concrete.

The concrete is carefully colored before being poured and ground. The result is a contemporary style of jewelry design which is surprisingly lightweight, textural and being concrete - durable!

You can see the photos of their production process here. Smersh Designs involve pouring the coloured polymer based concrete into sterling silver bezels or forms. The concrete is allowed to dry and cure before grinding to finish. The mix of gemstones like pearls with the concrete is an inspired choice.

The bracelet with funky tiles adorned with pearls is also delightful. Super fun, one of a kind modern jewelry for our times. Check out their designs for sale at ClickDesignThatfits.com and at Guild.com.

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