Feather Jewelry
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Space Mermaid.com makes the most amazing bird rings. These exotic birds sit on adjustable ring bands and come in a wonderful array of bright colours. Fun and funky for those who crave unusual jewelry. Custom orders only.

However, if wearing a small bird is not your style, consider making feather earrings. These are fun to make and wear.

I've made a few over the years (see below) after somebody actually asked me if I had any. She really wanted the big peacock feather variety! I did find some feathers in the fishing department. The secret to making these is to use beads with large enough holes. The feather shafts have to be tied and glued to the head or eyepin such that the fastenings do not show. You can then do your normal wire wrapped loop at the top. I've also used just Fireline instead of a metal headpin or eyepin.

Beader Designs #: 359-360

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