You might call it sexual stereotyping since boys and men do like cars of all types - from toys to racing cars. Have you ever noticed baby boys out for a walk in strollers often focus on wheels of buses and cars whilst baby girls will coo at birds and other animals?

Scientists think this preference for certain toys has a biological basis rather than a sociological one. They point to evidence through this video of rhesus monkeys playing with human toys. The male monkeys showed a marked preference for wheeled toys whereas female monkeys enjoyed cuddling soft toys. Unlike humans, the monkeys don't have any social pressures dictating their choices therefore the liking for wheels seems to be tied to the Y chromosome.

So the type of jewelry some men might like may be jewelry made from recycled car parts like those made by Hi Octane Jewelry. They are a husband and wife team of metal smiths who happen to be hot rod enthuasists as well . They make all kinds of jewelry including the above necklaces from recycled car parts. Who knew car ornaments could become trendy jewelry for men?


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