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I've made some nifty paper origami objects in my time. I can still remember how to make a paper shrimp - it looks quite complex but is actually quite easy to do. I once entertained a child on a train with this little trick much to the amusement of the mother.

However, I never thought it was possible to do origami jewelry until I came across Cindy Ng's sterling silver creations. These are made from metal clay silver or precious metal clay sheets and folded just the same way you do the paper variety except you go on to fire the piece in the kiln to remove the organic binder and water. Sure makes great conversation pieces doesn't it?

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If you are intrigued or inspired to try working with metal clay silver paper, MSchindel has an excellent tutorial on metal clay weaving for some spectacular jewelry designs.

Origami has some basic how-tos. If kids can do it, so can you! has the flapping bird instructions (animated) just like the one pictured above. has hundreds of origami designs ranging from simple to complex.

Origami-resource center is an excellent site for all things origami.
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  1. Okay, that is one of the coolest and most original ideas I've seen in a long time!!!

  2. I thought so too. I hadn't realised one could even get the paper form of metal clay silver.

  3. This is really something original. That aside, thank you for sharing. I have been thinking about searching the net for origami instructions for my boys and wala! you made my job easier Pearl. Now I don't have to search for them. Thank you very much for the links :)

  4. Thsi is so interesting. I also saw an article in one of the jewelry magazines on oragami with PMC, I think it was Art Jewelry. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Thanks everyone for the comments - I hope it inspired all of us to try new things!

  6. I love fine silver origami jewelry. Sara Jayne Cole has an instructional CD called "Origami and Precious Metal Clay Sheet" that you can purchase from her directly at for $15 including Parcel Post shipping in the U.S.

    She's a marvelous instructor.

    Nana Mizushima also has written a couple of books featuring metal clay origami pieces. The best known is "Metal Clay Magic" which is available directly from the author for the list price of $21.95 at or from for $14.93.


    Margaret Schindel
    Metal Clay lenses on Squidoo:
    Polished & Put-Together one-of-a-kind and custom handcrafted jewelry

  7. Awesone tips, Maggie! Thanks for your input and your expertise on this subject. Your Squidoo lenses are the most thorough ever.


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