Sharon has grown to love designing jewelry. Before she started on this hobby, she never really paid much attention to the details of any jewelry piece. Now she does wherever she sees jewelry in stores.

She told her daughter who lives far away how much she enjoys beading now. So her daughter, who is far to too busy to indulge in this hobby, sent her beads and other findings from the US and asked her to design a bracelet. Sharon did and brought to a beading party so she could learn how to properly attach a double stranded bracelet to the clasp.

The one on the top left is the one that will be shipped back to her daughter. How is that for a well travelled bracelet? It will surely be a gift that will be treasured because Sharon made it. The bracelet on the right did not have double holed beads so it took her less time to do. Both her creations here are in turquoise blue which is such a happy colour!

Beader designs #:352-353
The Beading Gem's Journal