The cutting edge Brooklyn based Fetty company makes pretty unusual jewelry - high end jewelry made with sterling silver, 14 K gold and decorated with diamonds but not in just any design. The diamonds spell out words such as "I Love You", "Yes", "Forever" and "Mine" in Standard American Braille. Their newest items are the diamond braille rings but they also make pendants and bangles as shown above.

The jewelry company was started by rock and roller, Justin Tranter (Semi Precious Weapons Band) who has experience making jewelry as well as working day jobs as a jewelry store buyer. His mother is also a successful custom engagement ring designer. Fetty's jewelry has grabbed a lot of media attention. The jewelry line is carried by

There is also a less expensive but similar line of jewelry called Fame (see below) which is made from plated brass and Austrian crystals. Choice words in Braille include "Magnetic", "Precious" and "Love". Check out their blog for the upcoming locations where you can buy Fame jewelry.

Other needs specific and just down right cool jewelry include the revamped medic alert bracelet that Alice redesigned herself and the breastfeeding or nursing bracelet designed by Graham for his wife for when their first child was born, both at a past beading party and workshop.

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