There are lots of talented jewelry artisans out there and it is undeniably hard to stand out above the crowd. To be successful requires skill, perseverance, passion and it doesn't hurt to have an unusual and unforgettable niche. Margaux Lange is one such artisan who scores on all points.

Margaux says in her Etsy shop (no longer open) profile " Barbie™ was immensely important in fueling my creative life as a child, and ironically continues to be such for me as an adult." The reason she says that is because she repurposes old doll parts into unique jewelry. She is a fine arts graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. Her "Plastic Body Series" has been a labor of love for the past seven years. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Her creative use of the eyes, ears, hands, face and even shoes of old dolls is truly unique. The shoe rings for example, are made up of several shoes arranged in a wheel fashion. Her favourite piece created for a 2007 exhibition was entitled "Like Breathing" which feature two facing lower face halves and mounted on a lung shaped pendant. Another cleverly entitled creation is her "Sound surround" pendant, made up of, you guessed it, ears! One "cheeky" bracelet (not shown) is made up of a series of doll bums! And let's not forget Ken, Barbie's BF. He shows up in rings and his manly chest makes a great neckpiece!

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