Sea glass, those beautifully sea and sand tumbled bits of glass from old bottles and pottery are now getting harder and harder to find according to an article in this month's issue of the National Geographic magazine. Why? We have now shifted to plastic bottles and glass is also increasingly recycled. Mary Beth Beuke, the president of the North American Sea Glass Association, says "We're now at the end of the sea glass window. Much of the glass consigned to the waves decades ago is tumbled so tiny it's almost not worth picking up."

If you're lucky enough to live near the sea and wish to collect sea glass, her tips include searching at low tide (now that is a no-brainer!) and after a storm where the heavy wave action may have dislodged more material. Rocky shores will also yield more sea glass than sandy beaches.

I have to disagree with her about small glass pieces. They could be still be used in jewelry making perhaps in resin jewelry or attached to metal clay silver designs. If you've made any jewelry made up of tiny, unwrappable sea glass be sure to send me an email!

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Pendants by daniboi1977 on Flickr.

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