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Half-Spherical Howlite Gemstone Bead Necklace

Cheryl rose to a design challenge. She loved the double holed half-spherically cut howlite gemstone beads usually used for bracelets. But as there are no real rules in designing jewelry, she still incorporated them anyway into her necklace. She contrasted the stark white of the howlite with grey desert sun beads. The latter's "cracks" revealed a silvery colour underneath so Cheyl added lots of metal daisies to complete her unique design.

Howlite is a gemstone with a Nova Scotia link. It is named after its discover Henry How, a local geologist. Its natural state is white with grey or black streaks which reminds one of marble. Howlite is often used to imitate other gemstones, particularly turquoise, because it can absorb dyes fairly easily.

Beader Design # : 388
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  1. Now that's a brave necklace! Turned out really pretty. I think a lot of us don't take enough chances. :)

  2. Yes, most of us take the safe approach when making jewelry. That's why I love seeing how these largely beginner designs turn out because beginners don't have that handicap.


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