Soft Cuff Bracelets
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Have you been watching any of the Olympics on tv? I have - my favourite spectator sports are the synchronized diving and the gymnastics. So I couldn't pass up on this nod to sports.

But even if you're not into sports, you likely know someone who is. So these baseball cuffs available from (no longer available)  make great gifts for the sports fan in your life.

They are handmade using genuine leather baseballs and have been velvet lined for comfort. How the cuff maintains its curvature and fit is an invisible, bendable brass frame. Each bears the autograph of the designer but there is plenty of space left for collecting autographs from baseball stars.

The sizing is from small to medium so it will fit children, youths and women. The nice thing about the baseball cuffs is not just because it is soft and great for people who have metal allergies but that they are unisex.

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