Soft Cuff Bracelets
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Black leather cuff bracelets are hot, hot, hot! How hot? Well haute couture versions have been spotted strutting down several runways this season. These wide leather affairs were perhaps inspired by fetish wear - you know, bondage wrist shackles.

For me though, these wrist bracelets look like they are modern versions of hardened leather arm guards called vambraces and bracers once worn by medieval warriors and archers. But they are no longer secret wear or confined to medieval reenactments and movies - they are definitely moving mainstream. The fall collections of top designers usually dictate what will soon be fashionable. So put on your creativity hat and see if you can make some like Etsians Diana Norman and Greenbelts did below. I've added some free tutorial links at the end.

Karl Lagerfield (Ready to Wear, Fall 2008)

Marc Jacobs (Ready To Wear, Fall 2008)

I just love this fabulous black leather/suede, resin discs with fiery fractal photos and aluminium. It is a great take on the leather cuff idea. As you can see, cuffs don't have to be in one continuous band around the wrist. Diana said this design is so very different from what she usually makes. She is now busy whipping up more bead and leather creations.

Greenbelt's Ankle Corset Cuffs are cleverly recycled from an old leather belt. It goes to show you can wear leather both on your ankles as well as your wrists! Inspired?


HGTV has a great tutorial where you make a leather cuff AND link it to a clutch purse.
The DIY network has denim cuffs for men if leather doesn't appeal.
This wearable light bracelet is a great leather and fabric bracelet that incorporates LED lights!
eHOW has the basic instructions for making a plain leather cuff bracelet.

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