In the past jewelry was a symbol of wealth and power. It was also insurance for when times were hard. Before zips, buttons and velcro were invented, jewelry also kept clothes together like the medieval forerunner to the safety pin, the ring brooch. In our time, jewelry has almost exclusively a decorative function. However, there are some exceptions such as medical id and nursing bracelets, braille jewelry - even chewable jewelry for mums with small children. Today and tomorrow's post will feature two more modern functional jewelry items.

The iPosture is a large disc-shaped electronic device to help slouchers improve their posture. Every time a user slouches, it vibrates to tell the wearer to straighten up. Slouching is not good for body for it promotes lower back pains. The hunched shoulders, sunken chest and the belly pout aren't exactly attractive either. So this device is a real winner! Now why didn't they come out with it much earlier? The iPosture was invented by two doctors - a neurologist and a rehabilitation expert.

The unisex device can be worn in a variety of ways. It's simple design suits its role as a pendant for both informal and formal styles.Other options include wearing the device stuck on the skin with EZ stick pads and out of sight.It can also be clipped to a shirt or a bra strap.

It is very easy to use for it only has one button. When you first wear it, stand (or sit) the way you should and press the button. It then beeps once when it is "calibrated" or in other words has been trained to know posture you'd like to keep. So every time you start slouching, it will gently vibrate a warning. You can always reset it if you shift from standing to sitting. Pausing it just requires holding down the button for 3 seconds. Taking it off completely turns it off. That's it.

It uses "Wearable Intelligent Nano-Sensor" technology which uses a microchip and specialized software filters to screen out spurious movements. The iPosture is powered by a coin sized battery and will soon be available for purchase for about $100 from here.

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