Sometimes people really want to see jewelry before they buy it. For them, trying to shop online is not good enough. So selling locally is a good thing. Debbie and I have sold jewelry before when the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm's Gift Store is open during the warm months of the year but recently an opportunity arose to sell my vintage brass and burnished earrings at the newly opened Calypso Hair Design Studio.

Sharon (below left) has been cutting my hair for a long time now. She and her partner Debbie struck it out on their own after years of working for other hair salons. It was a fantastic chance to own their own business and they love it. As for me, having found a good hairstylist means going where she goes!!

Their new hair salon is actually one half of a house - the other is an existing barber shop. Talk about great business pairings. Sharon, Debbie and their significant others spent many long hours renovating the place. The result, as you can see, is a stunningly attractive and stylish hair studio. Believe me, it is a step up from a noisy mall. So if you're local, and you need some TLC for your hair, call Calypso at 252-3791. They're located at the corner of Cobequid and Glendale in Lower Sackville.

Both Sharon and Debbie graciously offered to sell my jewelry and were delighted when I brought in the first two racks because the earrings added to the ambiance of their salon as well as offering an additional service for a "whole" beauty treatment. A new hairstyle sure needs some pretty dangly earrings to set it off! It is an arrangement that we all hope will benefit our respective customers and businesses.

The Beading Gem's Journal