Do you remember making candy wrapper jewelry? Now the Ecoist sells these great "Stop Global Warming" bracelets. They are handmade from candy wrappers, soda labels and food packages. They are adjustable for kids as well as adults. The cost ranges from $12- $26 depending on the width or bracelet multiples.

However, if you are willing to have a go and make it yourself, Flufflyland has a step by step tutorial to turn 30-35 wrappers into a bracelet. The accompanying photos make it really easy to do including the final joining step. Do check it out! It requires folding the wrapper lengthwise into a long flat tube which is then folded over to form "L" shapes. The final shapes are slotted together to form the characteristic zig-zag pattern. Thanks Fluffyland for this great tutorial!

You are actually not limited to a particular candy either. Try collecting chewing gum wrappers, too. Children will love this craft. Belts, even handbags can be made from candy wrappers. The Original Wrapper handbags from Ecoist show how beautiful the bags can be. These are the pouchettes made in Mexico and Peru and retail for $48 each. There are other styles too.

For more tutorials check out my Jewelry Making Tips

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