Feature Designer

I've done a few feather earrings before. They are a fun and funky alternative to glittery glam. It is however a small challenge to figure out how to attach the feathers to findings as I mentioned in my previous post on Birds of a Feather Jewelry. The pinnacle of expert feather tying goes to Japanese Fishing Lure Jewelry.

Rheanna Lingham is one inspirational artisan who is known specifically for her flamboyant feathered pieces. She is a recent graduate of Middlesex University, UK, where she studied jewelry. She now sells her work in a London shop called Luna and Curious. Her custom made cascading butcher's blue feathered necklace is a focal masterpiece. She also makes a white feathered version in her Feather Your Nest Collection.

For those who prefer daintier jewelry, a simpler collar style version of her butcher's blue can be seen here. Pixie Market sells her large Peacock Feather Ball Necklace for $94 ( below).

What caught press attention and landed her many exhibitions is her more outlandish work with all sorts of feathers and acrylic combinations. Below is her Pigeon Wing Shoulder Adornment and her Triple Jay Wing necklace which the model wears on her head!

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