Cindy loves her bling as you can see from the rose quartz, pearl and Swarovski crystals she used for her delicately pink necklace. She played with the different depths of hue by placing darker pinks and near white rose quartz ovals alternatively in her design. Notice she also did the same for the pearls. These variations are not immediately noticeable but they ultimately add character to her necklace.

Upgrading jewelry components really increases its value although it is not always possible or desirable to do so all the time. If you can, go from glass to gemstone, ordinary crystals to Swarovski and base metals to precious metals like gold and silver. But ultimately, the decision to upgrade will depend on whether it is for yourself or a gift, for sale and the all important, what kind of market you are selling in. For more information on pricing, check this past post - 6 traps to avoid when pricing jewelry.

Beader Design # : 403
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