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We already put make-up on our faces to make us look better so why not accessorize those as well? Jewelry for faces is not new - East Indian women have worn forehead jewelry for centuries. The bindi is usually a red dot applied between the eyebrows but small pieces of jewelry can also be added. Hindus believe only married women should wear red bindis and single women, black ones. Black bindis also act as protection against evil spirits. Today, the bindi is largely decorative and you can get quite a selection of self-adhesive bindis.

Taking their cue from East Indian bindis, fashion designer Solomon Chase and visual artist David Toro have created their own version of jewelry bindis for both men and women for their Face project.

Each of their bindi cases contain a selection of their unusual forehead jewelry for users. Some of the fun materials include smileys, small photographs and all manner of fuzzy and hairy materials.

They have also come up with their range of reflective face jewelry. First up is their reflective face jewelry as you can see below. Won't these be cool for Halloween? They plan to showcase the eyebrows next. Their "brow-hats" will also be made from reflective materials. Can't wait to see what those look like!!

Indian Bindi Photo by Laniuop on Flickr


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