Feature Designer

British designer Zoe Newsome is exactly the kind of artisan you can admire for utter confidence in wire work. Her free-form wire jewelry is like no other. A prime example is her Cotton Necklace on the left which is made from 9K gold and oxidised copper.

Her wearable sculptures include the Anemones Necklace below in oxidised silver and copper. This design sums up her current goal in focusing on floral themes because she is able to translate them "from the perishable into the permanent". Her Sprigs pins are clever because unlike most brooches, these are designed to sit on top of scoop neckline edges. They remind me of hatpins which is logical since Zoe is currently undertaking an internship with Philip Treacy Ltd, one of the world's leading milliners.

If you are wondering why she chose black for her floral theme, it's because the colour reflects the difficult year she had when making them. Let's hope making them distracted her!

The Beading Gem's Journal