Steampunk is a sci-fi subculture which makes technology and gadgetry look retro or old fashioned. The 1980's book genre has not only grown tremendously in the past decade but has expanded into fashion, movies and yes, even jewelry. One excellent view of a steampunk world is last year's children's movie The Golden Compass based on the first of Philip Pullman's trilogy. You can see a short featurette about the steampunk props here:

Andrew Ross Rowe wrote in's steampunk article, "Handmade retail sites like have also seen a growth from the trend. "Steampunk" is currently one of its top 10 most-searched terms, with 6,560 items posted." Indeed. I have previously highlighted one of Etsy's steampunk jewelry artisans, Ricky Wolbrom of EDM Designs. Here is another, Rivasmom on Etsy who created this Youtube montage of her work: Want to give it a whirl? has a simple tutorial written by Deanna Tierney on how to make a steampunk ring. She also gave a helpful list of where to get the basic supplies. The ring bases,for example, can be purchased from The ring base shown in the picture has prongs which can be clipped off before gluing on the watch piece. For more steampunk resources, check out Rena Klingenberg's article. ______________________________
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