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Feature Designer Nature is one source of inspiration for many artisans. It's no wonder for how can one resist the beauty of butterflies. Since nature can't easily be reproduced, artisans have made jewelry from real insect wings! One inspiring artisan is Niele (store now closed).

The beautiful butterfly and moth wings she uses for her jewelry come from farmed insects whose wings are only harvested after they die naturally in the days or weeks after emerging as adults. No butterflies were harmed in the making of her unique jewelry line! Her work is so pretty I had a hard time choosing my favourites. So here are just a tiny sampling from her sold items which number over 300!

The pendant above was made from a real sunset moth.  She also shows off her creativity by not restricting her designs to just the shape of butterfly wings as can be seen by her designs below.

Niele protects the delicate wings by encasing them in glass and then solders decoratively with silver alloy. Niele comes from Sparta, New Jersey, USA. 


The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. They certainly are unique and beautiful. Great jewelry that I'd be proud to wear. Can't beat nature! Bev

  2. Wow! Some pretty amazing stuff there! Emphasis on "pretty"!

  3. Great article, nice photos of the jewelry, would love to try this someday.


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