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Although I've come across a few women who buy clothes to match jewelry, the vast majority of women do the reverse! The difficulty with buying jewelry though is finding something that :

a) is in the colours you want
b) in the style you like
c) has the beads you like
d) fits you
e) is affordable

The only way to get all of the above is to be your own designer and make it yourself, like Marg!

Marg was one beader who brought her top to a beading party to make sure her jewelry design did follow the same colour combination, more or less. Although I had a variety of turquoise and similar hues, she really loved the flat rectangular azurite gemstone beads so she used two of them in an asymmetrical design. The match wasn't quite perfect but there was enough of the turquoise colour in it to be similar. Marg also liked the doubled-holed metal beads with the mauve crystals. She also added mauve glass chips and grey bicones to complete her bracelet.

Beader Design #: 414
The Beading Gem's Journal


  1. I would say that's a wonderful match and really pretty design too!

    My daughter tells people she doesn't have to worry if she needs a specific piece of jewelry to match something, Mom will just make it for her. :)

  2. What a beautiful bracelet. Yep, what comes first the clothes or the jewelry? Bev


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