There is something about silver foil beads which grabs people's attention. It's because they look so decadent. Sterling silver has been applied by hand underneath the translucent colours of glass beads. The silver foil treatment on these topaz coloured beads made them look golden.

The luxury look of this jewelry set has been made even more so by Petra for she added large bronzite gemstone tiles as the focals for her necklace and bracelet. The golden touch was further enhanced with some gold faceted round crystals. Still keeping with the gold inspirations, she added little round gold-tone tags, a few matte gold cube beads and some gold coloured glass chips.

Although Petra's design stuck mainly to one colour scheme, she had so many other shape variations that they all combined to make this a lively design. Her linking or anchor theme throughout were the rectangular shapes of the gemstone and the silver foil beads.

Beader Design #: 427
The Beading Gem's Journal