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Remember Lady Roots? She is the talented beadwork artisan from Jamaica . She writes a delightful blog where she chronicles her transplanted life in Jamaica, her jewelry creations and her "misadventures in blogging"!

I first featured her when she was struggling with the Chaos and Witless er, Cable and Wireless company that couldn't deliver reliable internet service. Now she is dealing with a misadventure of a different kind. She fell and broke her ankle in three places. She said she only screamed once or twice on the hour-long journey to the hospital over rough roads!

She is recuperating and will miss a jewelry show and other social events. Lady Roots looked on the bright side - it's not her beading hand but her ankle which got broken!

Shown here are some of my favourites amongst her recent creations. Her Tri-Tri-Tri necklace features three triangular charms done with peyote and N'debele. I really loved the openness of this unusual green bracelet made for her friend and the clever way she hid the magnetic clasp. Beaded muffs for bracelets!

As seed beads are so much less costly than gemstones, Lady Roots can still make a diamond bracelet shown below, using hematite, black, white and copper Delica beads.

Her black Ras Cellini bangle was really executed in tubular peyote but Lady Roots thinks it turned into a Cellini spiral because she used different sized seed beads.

Well, Sistren Lady Roots, I hope you will mend quickly and enjoy the extra beading whilst your ankle heals!

Beadwork Resources
Beading Daily is a great source of free and fee-based tutorials. Lady Roots is a big fan of the site. Emma of Glitter Glow Beading is another fantastic beadwork artist I have featured before. Check out her weblog for some great links not just on beadwork but on other jewelry techniques as well.
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