This Christmas tree doesn't look very large and yet it costs $1,500,000 because it is made from 24K gold and has been decorated with more than 240 jewels and strings of pearls. It was put on display at the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan in order to create a "gorgeous atmosphere" and entice shoppers to spend in a sluggish economic environment.

Over at our house, we don't need a bejewelled tree to create that atmosphere. Just a real spruce tree grown right here in the Maritime provinces of Canada and decorated just the way we like it. We even have plenty of the white stuff outside courtesy of Sunday's wicked snow storm.

I hope all of you who do celebrate the day are just about ready for Christmas with trees of your own be they small or big. Just in case you miss tomorrow's post, have a wonderful Christmas.

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