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I previously featured a designer who made large collars made from several zippers. But London-based Tina Echterhölter aka the Blue-Eyed Girl makes much daintier jewelry from these popular clothing fasteners. Her bolo tie inspired necklace below looks like it could be worn by men or women.

I've seen some lovely woven cord bracelets before but none made from zippers! I really love the colours she chose here. She calls the silver ball shaped findings bowles and they are perfect for her designs.

She has also managed to use zippers in much smaller jewelry items like her double ring design (below left) and the earrings.

So what's next for Tina? Well, her latest endeavour which is not yet up on her website are necklaces made from lingerie supplies - bra strap retainers! Now who would have guessed?

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  1. Love, love, love repurposed ugly objets!

    I found this artist's zipper designs in an Artisan boutique in Burlington VT. They make you go "what is that?" and then you realize they are ingenious!

  2. Thanks for the great tip on Stacie Mincher's zipper designs. They are absolutely fabulous! I think these artisans who use non-traditional material are super creative!

  3. Hi! This jewelry looks extremely cozy! :) I definetly need this stuff!!! :)))
    You have a nice blog! I nedd to subscribe to you. :)

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    I post my jewelry advices and different gems revues here.:)

  4. What a unique material to use in jewelry design. The jewelry pictured looks great!

  5. Hi Guys! Thanks for the compliments! I appreciate it. I love making things out of stuff that people throw away. I have a ton of fun creating. Have a happy New Year!!! :)
    Stacie Mincher


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