One of my most favourite instrumental music is George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, a wonderful concert hall jazz piece composed in 1924. The video here is a 1976 Royal Albert Hall performance (London) with Leonard Bernstein, the renowned conductor and composer on the piano :

If you know this piece or just listened to it, you'll notice it is rich in "musical texture, style and colour" rather like this set of three earrings. They all play on the common blue theme and yet each has its own design texture, style and complimentary colours. Camille's pretty earrings below had silver filigree balls matched with cobalt blue beads - cool metallic with bold blue.

Then just like the musical piece's delightful bursts of sound in places, Carol's hoop earrings below boasts colourful beads on the wires flanking blue drop beads.

Gershwin's rhythmic and melodic innovations showcase his talent for putting seemingly disjointed musical segments together to form a memorable piece. So it is with jewelry design. Beads which most people don't think would go together can and do like Carol's second design. She deftly mixed frosted bell flower beads with lovely lampwork heart and crystal beads in a most original way. Truly lyrical jewelry!

Beader Designs #: 442-444

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