Natural stone and slates are just beautiful materials to use as flooring, counter tops, bathrooms and fireplaces - if you can afford it. So it was only a matter of time before someone thought of introducing precious gemstones normally used for jewelry into interior designs. Majestic Gemstones turns rough cut stones from all over the world into luxurious flooring, table tops, framed mirrors, sinks and counter tops. Bling for your home!

Imagine the jewel tones in your kitchen, living room and even bathrooms. People who love the rich tones of carnelian or amethyst could gaze at these gemstone counter tops whilst they brush their teeth!

Not your style? This quartz counter top is more subtle as is the tiger eye table top below. I dread to think how much all this costs. The gemstones in our jewelry making suddenly seems incredibly affordable compared to this!

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