The tree of life is an ancient religious symbol. They appear in folklore, mythology and religions from many parts of the world.In the 13th to 6th century BC, the tree of life decorated fortresses and the armor of ancient Armenians which is not surprising since it symbolized immortality.

The tree of life is also in the Bible's Book of Genesis and was a part of the old Norse religion. More modern uses of the symbol include the tree of life in science (phylogenetic tree) which is used to depict evolutionary lines and the anatomical term arbor vitae (Latin for tree of life) for the branching tree-like appearance of the brain's cerebellum.

I don't know who first came up with the tree of life pendant but it is a popular design for both wire workers and those who love artisan jewelry. It's not hard to figure out how to make one. Below is a picture of my take on the tree of life using green glass chips and this is how I went about making it (updated with new how to pictures):

1.Use a cylindrical object to form the round shape using 18G wire. This size wire holds its shape well. But if you find it tough, try a thinner gauge like 20G. Bend one wire end upright and the other around it.

2. Wrap the short end around the upright wire.

3. Make a wire loop and wrap again. Optional - make a scrolled accent with the tail of the wire if you wish to hide the bail you just made.

3.Cut 6 -8  lengths of 24G or 26G wire and wrap each to the frame. How many lengths will depend on how big your frame is.

4.Thread on the chips and adjust the number of chips. I find it useful to hold the piece upside down so all the chips move to the top of the pendant. It makes it easier to see if you need to add or remove chips.

5.Position the wires to a pleasing shape.Twist all the wires together to form the trunk. At the base, trim the wires. Then separate the wires into two groups and wire wrap around the frame.

7.Feed the necklace through the wire wrapped loop or use an additional jump ring.

The Bead Studio has a great tree of life tutorial. Theirs is different in a number of ways. First of all they make a giant jump ring. The open part of the ring is cleverly hidden with the wire wrapping. They also start from the bottom up, forming the tree trunk first. Personally, I find it more difficult to wire wrap at the top with all the chips in the way. However, it is perhaps a personal choice.

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