Glass or gemstone chips do lend themselves very well to wire crochet. The material and the wire work are both irregular. Many chip crochet bracelets I've seen tend to use only chips but throwing in some round metal balls do add a touch of elegance.

Take Cathy's bracelet below. Her choice of black and mauve glass chips for her very first wire crochet bracelet ever was a lovely one. The gold ton metal balls added visual punch and matched the gold ton wire and toggle and bar clasp. If this inspires you and you missed the tutorial post, check it out.

It's enormously satisfying as a beading teacher to watch beaders put together their creations over the course of an afternoon. Their eyes just light up when they see their final jewelry pieces. It was no different for Cathy. When she finished her bracelet, she was amazed at how good her design was. Pretty cool for someone who really hadn't crochet before.

Beader Design #: 440
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