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When I first saw Dagmar's beaded angel ornaments, I knew they would be perfect for this post to wish all my readers including Dagmar a very Merry Christmas and a bright and happy New Year!

Dagmar is a German artisan who is really into Native American beadwork and quillwork. Her blog is the very first bilingual one I have come across - what a great idea! She decided on translating the German into English as so many beadworkers only read English. This kind of effort is what makes a truly international community. Dagmar also sells her work on her Art Fire store.

She calls her website Kokopelli which happens to a fertility god in the Southwest Native American culture. As he presides over birth and reproduction, it was the ideal choice. As Dagmar says, "For me he is a symbol for constantly having new ideas and creativity, so that I can carry on creating beautiful things." I am sure many of us share her feelings.
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